Providing affordable housing for applicants who
have lived in, or have links with, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge
and surrounding areas



Hatton Housing Trust Limited


Hatton Housing Trust Limited was started in 1947 by Mrs Hyatt-Woolf and some friends, who had the idea of buying local land and building properties for elderly retired people of limited means, who had local ties and carried out services to the community.

Rents are to be kept as low as possible after covering the costs of repairs, maintenance and improvements that are needed to keep the properties and gardens in good order.

Secretary to the trust

The firm of Solicitors, Warners are the Secretary to the Trust and have carried out this role since 1952.  

The day to day administration for the Trust is at present the responsibility of the General Administrator, Claire Mitchell, who has been working for Warners since 2014.




A Management Committee ensure that the objectives of the Trust’s founders are carried out and that all tenants are treated fairly.  The current Management Committee is comprised of ten members, who all give their time without any cost to the Trust.   

 The Chairman is Colin Barber, the Vice Chairman is Diana Barber (who is also the great niece of the founder, Mrs Hyatt-Woolf) and the other committee members are Marcus Mayne, Victoria Meredith, Amanda Harris, Jane Clay, Philip Packer, Susan Law, Debbie Manley and Viv Packer.

Property Manager

The Trust has a contract with a property management company, Aspen Property Consultants Limited, who ensure that full and proper attention of all property matters is carried out.

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Policies and Procedures

Equal Opportunity

It is a firm policy of the Trust to promote equal opportunity in all areas of its work.


Acceptance of applicants for the Trust onto a waiting list will be based on the criteria as outlined in the Policies and Procedures document.


The Committee will offer vacant accommodation, when available, to those applicants accepted onto the waiting list.  Such allocation will be at the discretion of the committee and may be based on the basis of greatest need.


Our Properties

Farnham Close

Farnham Lane, Langton Green,
Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3

Six purpose built blocks totalling 24 one bedroom flats and 6 semi-detached one bedroom bungalows.

Ferbies Close

Ferbies, Speldhurst, Kent TN3 0NJ

Seven purpose built blocks totalling 12 one bedroom flats and 16 two bedroom flats.

Grey Lodge

High Street, Bidborough, Kent TN3 0UT

Converted house of 6 one bedroom flats.

Lady Vane Close

Shipbourne, Tonbridge
TN11 9PD

Three purpose-built blocks totalling 16 one bedroom flats.

Miller House

61 Prospect Road, Southborough, Kent TN4 0EH

Converted house of 6 one bedroom flats.

Pembury Close

Henwood Green Road, Pembury,
Kent TN2 4LS

Six purpose built blocks totalling 24 one bedroom flats.

Wells House

Mayfield Road, Tunbridge Wells,
Kent TN4 8ES

One purpose built block totalling 6 one bedroom flats.


Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility of applicants for Trust accommodation is at the discretion of the Committee and will be based on the following criteria:

An applicant should

a) be or be about to be retired and over the age of 55

b) be able to provide for themselves, as there is no service of a warden at any of the Trust properties

c) be resident in the Borough Council areas of Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge & Malling or have some other close connection with the area

d) be needful of Trust accommodation on financial grounds or otherwise

e) have performed some service to the community

f) not have any ‘unspent’ convictions.

Applicants should be aware that

i) they will be treated equally regardless of Age, Race, Disability, Gender, Religion or Belief, Sex and Sexual Orientation

ii) the Trust does not provide any sheltered accommodation nor on-site services or support

iii) the Trust does not allow pets to be kept in any of its properties due to the communal garden arrangements at all the Trust’s sites.

If an applicant meets the eligibility criteria, they will be contacted by the Secretary and two members of the Committee will arrange to discuss the application.   Subsequently, at the discretion of the Committee, the applicant may be added to a waiting list.   

Properties are often occupied by tenants for a number of years and there is a low turnover at all sites.   Therefore, it is likely there may not be any properties available for rent at the time of the application.   When a suitable vacancy becomes available this will be offered to applicants who are on the waiting list, at the discretion of the Committee.


Apply for Tenancy

Acceptance of an applicant for Trust accommodation is at the discretion of the committee and will be based on the criteria as outlined in the Policies and Procedures document.


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